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Israel, the Church and the Last Days
Messianic Jewish Thought
Principles of Relational Leadership
New Testament Interpretation
This course presents a coherent understanding of the New Covenant Scriptures, first with the Gospels as eyewitness testimony and the background and context for understanding the Gospels in Jewish context, distinctly and together. The book of Acts as a key to New Covenant interpretation will be presented. The epistles and the book of Revelation will also be interpreted.
Messianic Jewish Theology
This course presents a coherent understanding of the unity and progressive revelation of the Bible, beginning with the Torah, through the prophets and writings, and then showing how the New Covenant Scriptures are consistent with the Hebrew Scriptures and the comparison and contrast in the Mosaic Covenant period and the New Covenant period.
Torah & Messianic Application
A course that covers the narrative and commandment parts for the Torah, including the promise of the Torah. The course emphasizes the superiority of Mosaic Law and the applicability of the Torah in the Mosaic Covenant.
A Biblical World View
This is a basic and comprehensive presentation of the evidence for what we believe and the Bible’s presentation of a world view that commends itself by its explanatory coherence and its facing the amazing evidence that supports our embrace of what the Bible teachers. The course also presents evidence from contemporary miracles and spiritual experience.
Get 49+ classes across 7 biblical topics
*for a donation of $149