Torah from a New
Covenant Perspective

The resurgence of Jewish belief in Messiah Yeshua in the Twentieth Century has created the need for a fresh look at God's law applied with New Covenant principles and the Holy Spirit's interpretation, and taking into account historic Rabbinical interpretations as well.

This book seeks to fulfill that need by codifying and commenting on God's mitzvot wherever they may be found in the Torah, the Nev'im, the Ketuvim, while cross-referencing to the Besorah (Gospels) and the Apostolic Writings.

  • The first comprehensive work of its kind!
  • Evaluates the 613 Mitzvot in the Torah and considers their application in the New Covenant
  • Detailed Table of Contents Categorized by Theme and Individual Topics
  • Introductions by Daniel Juster and Michael Rudolph
  • Exhaustive Subject Index
  • Thirteen Cross Referencing Appendixes including Scripture Index and Maimonides Mitzvah Index


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The Law of Messiah