God’s Project of Freedom Patty Juster

By Patty Juster

All see you were wrong about the people you loved
The men you created, in freedom you beget them
Now they are jeering and mocking with great ire
Their eyes blackened, raging they strip you
Plucking your beard, a crown of thorns your head they adorn
Blood oozing, your tears grieving and they knew not
Centuries of caring in a moment perfect love betrayed
The demons shouting, “Freedom was a mistake…such evil,
Your plan comes to an end. Your wisdom, like your blood,
Spilled and trampled on, despised and not cherished
For the man you created turned on you and proved
Love has not triumphed, and hatred has shown her strength

Such darkness thickens the air
Hope is buried beneath your cross
What now? Will there be a new project, some new fancy?
Scratch this one, wipe out man, begin anew
Perhaps a man without a will who hugs upon command
One who you have bound, not able to rebel
He would have no choice, but he will love you still
Is this the bride for your son, a bride who does what you demand,
One whose passion is programmed, never to abate or abound?
Just think, no more evil, no more pain, only a faceless man
Each one like the other, in heart the same

Two days of groaning and agony, exhausted from sorrow
The watchers sigh, staring off into the vast abyss
He promised victory so life has got to offer more than this
Then beneath their feet a trembling begins
Birds aloft flutter, chirping a new song
In unison announcing death is not the end
Flowers bursting into rays of many colors
Proclaiming out of this God-seed new life has sprung
Love has triumphed o’er the grave, now who was right?
Freedom now seen as God’s excellent design
A bride is formed in the midst of suffering
Claiming all the pain worth it because of the Lamb
In the center of the throne now ruling
His great power assuring we will overcome
And the great romance of the groom will woo her
Perfect her, and present her as his queen
Mature, willingly choosing to believe
Her groom is good, nothing will from his arms snatch
Love has proved stronger, the price of freedom paid