Islamic Fascism

Some years ago, I got into an argument with a famous theologian about Islam.  Basing my argument on an amazing book, Islamic Jihad, by Andrew Bostom, I argued that it would be difficult for Islam to reform because its foundational texts have so many calls to conquer the infidel by war and even endorse and demonstrate very gross violence, torture, and beheadings, etc…  He called me a textualist and argued that we could not evaluate Islam on the texts.  A reformed Islam need not give literal interpretations that require following these texts.  I argued that he was right In part because many Muslims find a way to not orient themselves to violence and conquering, but whenever there is a return to being faithful to the origins there is a return to violence and the sword to conquer.  Bostom argued that again and again in multiple places, Islam would return to such violence.  Religions often develop movements that promote a return to be faithful to the literal scriptures and the early patterns.  In Christianity, this is often a return to a semi-pacifism.   Reading Luke 6 and Yeshua’s words on love for our enemies is a case in point.  Just war theory from Augustine did require some serious interpretation.  He argued for only defensive war. Christianity that conquers by the sword is contrary to Yeshua for sure.

Recently I read a book by a secular Muslim or former Muslim.  He does not say.  He was a radical Islamic Fascist.   Abdel-Samad Hamed has written an amazing book that goes over the history of Islamic violence and terror, conquering by the sword, beheadings, rapes, and tortures.  It is a frightening book.  From the 7th Century to the 20th, this very comprehensive presentation gives the lie to the idea that Islam has been primarily peaceful.  He is careful to not tar all Muslims as jihadists.   However, there are enough radical fascists who seek a world Muslim caliphate that we should be concerned.  In Hamed’s view, the West does not face what they are up against.    The truly moderate Muslims who would desire a reformed and peaceful Islam that lives in pluralism and mutual toleration with other religions, are in fear of the radicals and do not stand up and fight as they should.  Some who have done so have been killed.  At the risk of his life, Hamed stands up. I note he lives in Germany and fights the battle there. The fascist element includes the desire for a strong dictator as the way of government to enforce Islamic law on society, Sharia.

After the October 7th massacre in Israel, the World still does not get it.  They worry more about Gaza civilians, many of who have accepted radical Islamic Fascism as their own position.  Israel does worry about the civilians but worries more about the Islamic Fascists who have attacked them.  The West is still in denial.  There is a division between Shiite Islam and Sunni Islam, but both have strong fascist movements.  While some fight each other, for example, The Islamic State/ ISIS fights the Iranian-backed Shiite Iraqis and Syrians. In the present war against Israel, some Sunnis align with Shiites, for example, Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon with Hamas, the Sunni group in Gaza.  I suppose they think they can fight it out later, but destroying Israel and the West comes first.   

When we think of the vast size of the Jihadist Fascist movements, it is alarming.  We begin with those who surround Israel.  First are Hamas and Islamic Jihad to the south in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Islamic groups in the West Bank.  The Islamic groups also have dominant control in Syria and somewhat in Iraq.  Then there is Iran itself, a terrible almost nuclear enemy of the West and Israel.  Turkey under Erdogan plays a double game and acts as if he is with the West, but I believe is really an Islamic Fascist.  Then we have the movement in Africa, Boko Haram and Al Shabab.  It is terrible in Northern Nigeria and the Horn of Africa.  Al Qaida still exists as does ISIS.   The slaughter in Africa is terrible.  We also see such movements in Chad and even Mozambique.   Farther away, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (not a Muslim nation), Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines (not a Muslim nation) have racial Islamic Fascist movements.  The democratic nations of the West have not begun to face this, but their governments are still in denial.  This cannot be defeated without a clear understanding and all-out effort.

Will this lead to the final war?  George Otis Jr., Walid Shobat, and Joel Richardson argue that the last war against Israel that leads to the return of Yeshua will be Islamic.  Maybe.  This now requires great prayer.  There is some significant Gospel progress in some of these nations, especially Iran.  Let’s also pray for this.