Drill Now by Patty

One of the principles of physics that school children learn is called the second law of thermodynamics.  Simply stated or applied, any object that is moving will eventually stop moving if no new energy is applied to it.  In other words, the whole universe is running down like a wind up watch that eventually stops running if no one comes along to rewind it.  An automobile needs a constant supply of energy source to keep on running.  One of the main issues in today’s political scene is the controversy of whether or not America should do off shore drilling.  Because of the depletion of world oil and the increase of the costs of oil, America has found herself in the midst of a major energy crisis.  She has allowed herself to become too dependent on foreign oil and now when she needs this energy source the most she has come up short.  She is painted into a corner.  Yes, we do need alternative energy sources but this may years off before these new discoveries are able to alleviate some of this present crisis.  Even the oil coming from drilling will take years before American’s will be able to be relieved from using foreign oil.  Having said this, most agree that we still need to drill and do it now.  Also, other sources for energy should be pursued.

These same principles apply to our spiritual life as well.  If we are not renewing our heart in the energy that comes from intimacy with God, than we will eventually be depleted in strength.  We will not have what it takes to endure the trials and hardships in the days ahead.  We will not be able to withstand temptations, survive victoriously during times of depression or war, sickness and loss.  Many believers have fallen asleep and are not prepared for the coming crisis.  In Florida during hurricane season, Floridians are continually warned to get prepared for impending disaster in the face of a new hurricane.  They are told to put oil in their autos, store up water and food, put up their shelters, purchase batteries, etc.  However, after many false alarms many have become complacent and have become dull.  Many are unprepared for this hurricane season.  How do we get ready for the impending crisis in the U.S.?  First we need to obtain a renewable energy source.  This means that we have to be trained before the crisis in the knowledge and ability to obtain what we need.  Here are some very successful ways we can get ready.

We must learn how to drill by drilling.  The most powerful diamond drill bit in the spiritual world is praying in the Spirit (or pressing through to know God more deeply).   When we pray in the Spirit we are digging beyond our understanding, the seen, into the unseen.  It opens us up to receive revelation so that we will know right from wrong, and be able to move on a supernatural plane so we can release life to those whom God brings into our life (empowered with words of encouragement, gifts of healing, etc). Praying in the Spirit also strengthens the inner man.  We come into a greater understanding of the love of God as drilling releases the oil of the Spirit so we can feel the presence of God.  We become convinced that God loves us as we enjoy the fellowship that comes through the Spirit.

Worship and praise and thanksgiving opens the wells of the oil of God’s presence as well.  You come to know and rely upon the love of God that passes our understanding.  As times get harder and it feels like death is closing in on us…we feel like we are getting crushed through our circumstances…this is the time to have worship music playing continually in our homes.  The Lord inhabits the praises of his people and where his spirit is there is freedom!  This canopy of worship provides a secure fortress against even the fiercest of storms.

Let us lay hold of the all the ways God has for us to obtain supernatural energy to endure to the end!