Globalist And Nationalist

I am a globalist and a nationalist. This is because I believe in the Biblical worldview. All are called to be both. However, we need to define terms.

Today people are slammed for being globalists and for being nationalists. Because terms are not defined, there is little light and much heat. So hear are various meanings for the terms that create so much heat.

1. A person who is part of an elitist conspiracy to rule the world through elites who control all things, and is probably fostered by the Jews.
2. A person who believes in global institutions to dampen down destructive hyper nationalisms. Such institutions as the U. N. and the World Trade Organization would count as examples as would the International Criminal Court.
3. A person who wants to destroy national identities and have a world without borders and have a one world citizenship.
4. A person who believes that a better world is one where all nations progress and the prosperity of all positively affects each.
5. A person who believes that God loves all people and that we are to be concerned for all the nations on earth and not just selfishly our own nation.

1. A white supremacist racist who believes in dominating and controlling others under the white nations and races. A Nazi type person.
2. A person who believes that each nation should follow its own self interest and not be concerned for other nations. Relationships with other nations is only on the basis of self interest in one’s own nation.
3. A person who believes that each nation should put their national interest first and only then care about helping other nations. (This is classic nationalism) It includes the idea of the sovereignty of each nation.
4. A person who believes that there should be a national set of values that give cohesion to a nation and makes its functioning well possible.
5. A person who remembers the baseball of the 1950s and 60s when the national league broke the barrier of racism and produced more exciting baseball. We were national league fans and hence nationalists.

As a follower of Yeshua we need to see that God loves all nations and wills to preserve national identities. So globalism that destroys national and ethnic identities is to be resisted as against the will of God. But because God loves all nations, we must love them too. (The United States is a unique nation built on a set of values and not any specific ethnicity) Yes, we can love our own nation, should do so and should seek its progress. However, we also should have a heart for seeing the progress of all nations. I would call this Biblical Internationalism. And yes, we would carefully be part of international organizations where they do not destroy the sovereignty of nations, part of treaties, and part of institutions that seek the good of all people.