The Israel Surrogacy Law

On Sunday a strike has been called, and will be supported by Labor unions.  It is a strike of protest against the recently passed law on surrogacy, where women can bear children for others and then give them to waiting parents who can not have children.  What is the reason for the strike?  It is that the law did not take into account the desires of the LGBTQ people in Israel.  They desire that men and women singles can become parents through surrogacy and that the state will pay for it.  The man and women can be any adults according to their own self identification (they can be bi-sexual, transgender, etc. etc.)  The law only allowed surrogacy for married hetero sexual couples and single women, and single women can include lesbian single women.  Israel does not marry homosexuals. What a sorry state we are in that such a strike can be called.  Here are some thoughts.

    1. What should my tax dollars pay for surrogacy?  We are taxed to the hilt and there is so much demand for funds from poorly funded education, to research, to welfare.  I am against surrogacy in principle.  I think parents should adopt children that do not have good homes.   I support international efforts to bring down the costs so it is doable for most people who could be good parents.  Then we pay a woman to bear a baby for someone else?
    2. Secondly, the far left and the sexual libertines simply do not want to face the massive studies that show again and again that the best situation for raising children is a family situation of a father and mother in a stable good marriage.  One of the great characteristics of the far left is the great flight from empirical evidence.  They paint a subjective picture of the way they want the world to be and will not bring that picture to the bar of empirical evidence that shows the consequences.  We see this with the socialists who will not face what socialism does and with sexual libertines that will not face what their new “family” arrangements do to society.

And wait for the push for the rights of poly amorous communities to adopt.

That this movement has such support in Israel is really depressing.  That our Prime minister was going to sign a bill that supported such broad acceptance for parents and surrogacy is alarming.  In this case, thank God for the Orthodox community that pushed back against it, but the bill still goes to far in supporting surrogacy and single mother parenting.   I was raised by my widowed mother, but had much to overcome by not having my father.

The Bible shows the way to health and would that it would be a greater influence on the way we see.