Are We Witnessing A Marxist/Anarchist Revolution?

In recent days I have become convinced that we are witnessing a Marxist/Anarchist revolution in the United States.  My Facebook readers will note my developing thought on this. Some say I am too alarmist, but I do not think so.  It is not easy coming to terms with what is happening while living in Israel.  I believe that this Marxist/Anarchist revolution and its leaders are using the outrage over the outrageous death of George Floyd to foster a revolution and that a significant number of blacks are being duped and manipulated by the radicals.  One of the characteristics of the leadership of BLM is fostering a lying narrative about the police.  The evidence seems true that blacks are unjustly mistreated by police.  The testimony of so many, including Senator Tim Scott, is that blacks are targeted for police involvement without justification.  The evidence also seems clear that blacks experience unjust police brutality beyond whites and in ways that cannot be explained only by the much higher crime rate in poorer black neighborhoods.  This then provides a hook for the lie, the lie that is put forth that blacks are murdered at high rates, that especially white policemen have murdered many blacks in recent years.  Yet this is the big lie.  I noted the letter by ten state Attorney Generals that present these statistics.  “In 2019 there were nine fatal shootings of unarmed blacks (down from 38 in 2015) and 19 fatal shootings of unarmed whites (down from 32 in 2015).  These deaths represented 0.1 percent of all back homicide victims and 0.3 percent of all white homicide victims.”

These statistics are stunning.  Attorney General William Barr said that of these nine or ten, only 4 were charged as criminal murder.  For those who care about black lives, the much greater concern is violence in the black community, over 7,500 black on black criminal killings per year.  This is really the issue of black lives. Those killed include a significant number of children caught in the crossfire.  Bill Bratton, who had led police in several cities including New York and Los Angeles, was responsible for the police methods that saved thousands of black lives in New York.  He recently noted that the attacks on police, cutting back funding, and destroying all they learned and accomplished will lead to many deaths and a return to the 1980s horrors. 

So why do we not see the importance of the police?  Yes, there can be reform and the firing of bad police.  However, the safety of the most vulnerable populations requires a large presence of community police who build relationships in the neighborhoods.  Only then can investment and educational choice really do its work. (Educational choice is crucial,) Who is responsible for demonizing the police?  It is the people who lead Black Lives Matter and other radical groups like Antifa.  They drive the big lie of white policemen are murdering blacks in large numbers.  Then what are we to make of the great accomplishment of adding many black police?  Black police are despised by this movement. The New York regional leader of BLM, Hawk Newsome, stated that when a black puts on a police uniform he is no longer black but blue. In Atlanta, 58% of the police department is black, but they too are to be despised and defunded. 

Then one only needs to do a Wikipedia search of the three primary leaders of the national BLM Foundation, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tomati.  One will find the most radical radicals.  When you read their agenda goals, saving black lives is really not primary.  It is rather a total anti-America agenda, including open immigration (which hurts the underclass blacks the most), emptying out and closing prisons, and enforcing a radical socialist anti-capitalist or communist direction. As was said in their marches note long ago on police, “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” BLM is pro-LGBT (what has this to do with saving black lives?) anti-favoring the hetero-normal family (traditional family, note that Tomati is a leader in fostering the queer agenda as well).  The only just order is a socialist/communist order.  The reason in this analysis that there is a black underclass is capitalism itself.  This leads to two very important directions.  As in all communist revolutions, one must tear down and despise the cultural symbols that give society a consensus of revered symbols and common national purpose and identity. Tearing down the statues of confederate leaders can make rational sense.  However, the statues of Washington (he owned slaves and that is to be the total sum for evaluating the founders of the U. S.), Jefferson and Lincoln? Lincoln?  Yes, he ordered putting down a Native American rebellion. Then there is U. S. Grant, who won the war and passed legislation to empower the blacks in the south.  Well, you just cannot revere any who believed in America.  Let’s do a thought experiment.  Let’s say that we were to only have statues and monuments to American leaders who were anti-slavery. All others would be taken down.  Then we would replace them with the great figures of John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Charles Finney, the revivalist, Jonathan Blanchard, the founder of Wheaton, Secretary of State Seward under Lincoln, who housed runaway slaves.  There is a large number of such people!!   Do you think the BLM and the Antifa movement would really want this?  No, they want to reject America and its whole history as rotten to the core, but the issue is that American history is a mixture and anti-slavery giants are part of that history and ultimately prevailed.  The human rights ideas of the slave holder Jefferson ultimately led to the emancipation ideas of Lincoln. So, we don’t want to even honor that?   

Then why is the anti-police rhetoric so strong.  It has nothing to do with black lives. Read between the lines and read the lines themselves vilifying black policemen.  It is that those who maintain law and order are part of maintaining the American capitalist system.  It is too bad that 7,500 plus blacks are killed, but black lives are not really the issue. All lives will supposedly be better after the American system is destroyed.  It will be replaced by the open borders, consenting adult sexual arrangements, and government support that will be so wonderful that those killings of blacks will go away too (I have not read this last argument on black on black crime but certainly the blame for this would be the capitalist system).  

The black community is being used and lied to through the powerful tools of social media by people who have an agenda that is not really about black lives. 

So how do these leaders evaluate the politicians and the corporate leaders who give them support and money?!   They are the useful idiots in Lenin and Stalin’s terms.  For now, the liberal Democrats play a role in allowing them to do as they do, and they even yield to their pressures.  They are progressing through the liberal Democrats. They support their efforts at cancel culture, to cancel all who oppose them, or to put forth conservative alternatives to solve the problems.  Social media marginalizes the conservatives.  The left controls the campus.  Corporate sponsors are also useful idiots.  Kimberly Strassel in her great book, The Intimidation Game, shows how this works.  Threaten the sponsors of conservative media and they will defund conservative media. The conservatives will buy their products anyway, but the corporate leaders believe they do not need the protests of the radicals.  Even Chick Fil A succumbs!  Conservatives are so weak in comparison to pressuring corporations.  Republican leaders are despised as weak in their push back, and that is true.  However, accept for Democratic radicals like the squad, the Democratic liberals are really useful idiots who they plan to discard at the right time as they present radical candidates to displace them.  They can use some of them now. 

This whole agenda is an anti-God agenda that does not believe that God designed us and that true standards of justice are in the Bible.  Christianity is despised. White Jesus statues and stained glass pictures must come down.  As a Messianic Jew, I recognize that Jesus probably looked like a Middle Eastern semite, neither black or white.  However, that the Jesus of art was from white supremacy is so stupid but it is seriously put forth by Shawn White of BLM.  The Jesus images we know in art came from the feudal ages, not an age of white supremacy and conquering.  In Ethiopia in the same era, Jesus was black.  All cultures make a Jesus they can relate to.  For Jews, we don’t want the image!  But you get the point.  There is a hatred of Christianity. BLM leaders embrace BDS toward Israel as part of their intersectionality craziness that sees all oppressed people as being one and under the thumb of the colonials. Tell that to the Tibetans!  

If the radicals won, they would produce a truly brutal police state to enforce their visions of equality. Then it will become criminal. This is always the result. But even now the Democrats do not oppose them a but empower them. The Republican push back is tepid. And the Church is hardly doing much when millions should be on the street, speaking for blacks, preaching the Gospel, and calling on the radicals to repent and turn to God. 

In my view, this is the time of the greatest danger to America since the Civil War. There was also much danger in the 1930s with many communist radicals but Roosevelt found a way to lead through this.  Then in the 60s again, we had a radical uprising.  However, never before have we had the left in control of the culture formation institutions of the society, media, education, and entertainment.  They have overwhelming control.  What can we do? 

We can pray, prophecy, witness and invest ourselves in caring for the marginalized. Then we can look at Isaiah 60. This is God’s final word for the end of this age and focused on Israel, but has been partially fulfilled again and again in history.  “Darkness shall cover the earth, deep darkness the people, but the Lord will rise upon you and the Glory of God will shine upon you.”  We cry out for revival and return to Biblical truth. Never in history has the evidence for Biblical faith been stronger. The proof of design in biology, the outpouring of miracles in many parts of the world, and the bankruptcy of secular humanistic solutions is more and more clear.  The movement we now see shows the bankruptcy of the rejection of God and the Bible.  Let God arise!   Note that the values foundation of the radicals is by their emotional preferences.  It hangs on thin air and is simply their personal choice and preference.  The value of every human being, to be treasured and supported in love, is based in the Bible and only from God and the Bible do we get the words of the Declaration, penned by Jefferson, “That all man are created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights, the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” And might I say that lasing happiness is found only in God!!



Prayer Points for the Present Violence

I am writing this post as a follow up for prayer counsel for my friends.  If my last post was correct, and I don’t see how it can possibly not be correct, then we are seeing the black community used by the radical left to gain an agenda that is not really about police brutality and the murder of whites by the police.  The murder of blacks by white policemen as a major problem is a lie and has little to do with solving the problem of the black underclass which will require massive efforts for the Gospel, discipleship, mentoring, education, etc. which government programs hardly begin to do.  The radical left wants to destroy American.  Historical figures all have mixture but the radical left does not allow extolling what was right and criticizing what was wrong.  All is to be torn down.  If the police are destroyed then a leftist police to replace them would be unjust and much more violent in spite of the good intentions of peace from some. When we read figures like Sean White and Hawk Newsom who is the leader of Black lives matter in New York, calling for burning it all down, we know the spirit from which it comes.  It is the spirit of the Anti-Christ not the spirit of Jesus.  The list of demands is for a socialist collective society; pro-BDS on Israel, and anti-family and pro-LGBT on the BLM website.  Some black pastors are speaking out on this.  Note that BLM funds Democrats too.  So how do we pray? Pray that the lies be exposed as lies and that the father of lies, Satan be defeated in this effort.  He comes to rob, kill, and destroy.  Some estimate that billions of damage that provide a livelihood for many has now.  Blacks have now been killed at higher levels in our cities due to the lack of police protection.  

  1. Pray that followers of Yeshua are delivered from deception. Some are saying that BLM includes a small number of radicals.  We want to weed out bad police and improve policing.  However, the radicals want to destroy America as we know it.  They are driving this and the violence. 
  2. Pray for church leaders to rise up, black and white, and calling for reconciliation, end of violence and destruction. 
  3. Pray for revival in the American churches, and especially in the black churches. 
  4. Pray for national repentance in the church.  The root of the problem is the church that was for years in disobedience to Yeshua in not first bringing the power of the Gospel and discipleship to the most marginal in society. 
  5. Pray for revival in the church as a result of repentance and especially in the black churches to lead us in the way of national revival and reconciliation. 


Some Questions on Black Lives Matter

A few days ago, I came against these facts.  


Here is a quote from the black attorney general in Indiana.  This report is very important. “Last year in the United States, a country with a population of 330 million people, 1,004 civilians were fatally shot by police officers,” The vast majority of these officer-involved shootings were justifiable, and most involved an armed or dangerous individual.” “Our letter acknowledged that in 2019 there were nine fatal shootings of unarmed blacks (down from 38 in 2015) and 19 fatal shootings of unarmed whites (down from 32 in 2015). Those deaths represented 0.1 percent of all black homicide victims and 0.3 percent of all white homicide victims.”  Bill Barr reported that of these 9 (he said 10) only four were criminal acts against blacks.  He said there are problems of racism in the police, but it is not systemic.  


Here are some more stats. “Over 58,000 officers were assaulted while performing their duties in 2018, according to FBI data collected from only two-thirds of law-enforcement agencies. That is an assault rate of 10.8 per 100 officers. Moreover, assaults with deadly weapons against the police occurred 33 times per day. Police officers endure these daily threats to their own lives in order to create a safer world for you and me — for people of every color, race, and background. Let anyone agitating for cop-free zones be careful lest their wishes be granted. “Law and order,” after all, is more than a catchphrase. It’s an absolutely essential ingredient for any civilized society.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Meanwhile, Tim Hardiman the black leader and founder of Violence Interrupted decried the imbalance in the Black Lives Matter Movement. He is not a conservative.  He says police brutality is a problem that has to be addressed, but the politics and ethnic issues hinder discussing the far more serious issue to be addressed, namely that there are over 7,500 black on black murders and violence caused deaths every year.  He called for a dialogue with the BLM leaders to address all the issues.  Defunding the police would bring even much more death.  


Then we note that the leader of Black Lives Matter in the New York region said that if his demands are not met then he will “burn it all down.” These demands are over the top and include, yes, really defunding the police.  Lest my friends say I am overly alarmist, let us note that this same leader said that black police are no longer black, but they become blue (the enemy) when they put on a uniform.  Friends, he is the leader in the largest BLM group in the country.  So much for the solution being partly in training minority police. Atlanta now has a 58% black police department.  Really, we are seeing radical Marxist and anarchist revolution here. 


This raises a question for me.  Has the Black Lives Matter leadership used injustice in policing to foster the greatest deception on the black community that has ever been seen and that will set them back? Black Republican Senator Tim Scott rightly decries the unfair treatment of blacks by police and sometimes by other whites.  There is a suspicion that shames and leads to very demeaning behavior.  He has experienced it. I wonder if the willingness to believe this false narrative has some roots in these experiences.  There is also a question of brutality.  But as the statistics say, there is no major problem of white police or any police killing or murdering blacks. This is a myth being used to destroy the society. 


This leads me to the question of solutions.  How many of the BLM leaders and protestors are motivated by love for all people?  How many are Bible-believing, committed Christians?  How many protestors are coming from a biblical world view as was Dr. Martin Luther King?  What is to be done?


1. The greatest need in the black community and in all communities is the Gospel. Those who think justice movements can succeed without a biblical world view orientation are deceived and neither understand history or the power of the Gospel.  Nothing lifts people like the Gospel. Can you imagine if there was a great revival in the black community?  What if the blacks in the inner city acted like Mennonites?  Imagine the change in violent behavior and death.  Would this eliminate much suspicion?  Is some suspicion due to the level of criminal behavior?

 2. Secondly, we need incentives in our welfare system for marriage and family stability.  The key is that it is more financially beneficial to stay together.                                            

3. We need to see real solid education choice that prepares people for vocations.                          

4. We need to have a major increase in community policing to break the murder/crime level in the black community.  In some departments, this means more well-trained minority police.                                              

5. Repentance in the Church is crucial, for not bringing the Gospel in power to the black community and not serving this community as a top priority.  This includes a presentation of the Gospel with signs and wonders power in the anointing of the Spirit.      


I am greatly concerned about those who think there is a humanistic solution, or who will join with Marxists and compromise the Gospel.  Only what flows from the Gospel and a biblical world view will produce the real change needed.  Violence will not produce positive change and is not defensible.  The Gospel is much more powerful.  Love of neighbor, black and white and all the hues is crucial now.  In addition, as one black woman preacher said, I am not primarily defined by being a black woman, but by being a follower of Jesus who happens as well to be black.  Our identity as one in Yeshua together needs to supersede all. 


What is the true need?


  1.  The Gospel, to be born again and delivered.  Power to lift people. True of all people.  If black were like Mennonites.
  2.  Family Restoration: incentives  
  3. Real solid education that prepares for vocations
  4. Controlling crime especially in low-income areas: % community trained policing
  5. Repentance in the Church for not bringing the Gospel in power to the black community and not serving this community as a top priority.  This includes a presentation of the Gospel with signs and wonders power in the anointing of the Spirit.      

Christianity has been tried and found Wanting?

This is a common phrase, but G. K. Chesterton disagreed and said, “Christianity has been found difficult and therefore untried.”  What the famous Chesterton really meant is that while multitudes profess Christianity, few really practice it.  


The Bible teaches that all human beings are created in the image of God.  That foundational truth leads to teaching on how we are to treat all human beings. 


Jacob (James) says of the tongue, “With it we bless our ADONAI and Father, and with it we curse people, who are made in the image of God. . .  these things should not be.” (Jacob 2:9,10)


Paul said, “From one He made every nation of men to live on the face of the earth, having set appointed times and the boundaries of their territory.  They were to search for Him, and perhaps grope around for Him and find Him.” (Acts 17:26, 27) 


Yeshua said, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for the ones who mistreat you.”  (Luke 6:17)  


The Biblical teaching provided the unique understanding that led Thomas Jefferson to write, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”   


Actually, these truths are not self-evident but came from Biblical revelation since these truths are not proclaimed in other cultures.  The Bible alone gives us the ideal of all people being of worth and deserving of dignity, respect, love, and equal justice under the Law.  


Without the biblical world view influence in the West (it did have sway in the Middle East for a season before Islam), we would not have made significant progress toward human rights.  Many are sounding the alarm that rejecting the Biblical Jewish and Christian roots of the West will not lead to greater freedom and justice but to a new tribalism and a new barbarism in the way we treat people.  We see Jewish leaders warning about the decline of Christianity in the West. We can name so many.  Rabbi David Lappin, Rabbi S. Boteach, Dennis Prager, David Horowitz.  The culture war against Christianity if successful will end in disaster.   We note as well, the words of an atheist historian who is yet worried about the cultural trends and not acknowledging this.  Here is a little of what a book reviewer wrote.


Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World, which has come as something of a surprise for several reasons. First, Holland is not a Christian. Second, Holland’s book is one of the most ambitious historical defenses of Christianity in a very long time.  While studying the ancient world he realized something. Simply, the ancients were cruel, and their values utterly foreign to him. The Spartans routinely murdered “imperfect” children. The bodies of slaves were treated like outlets for the physical pleasure of those with power. Infanticide was common. The poor and the weak had no rights.


How did we get from there to here? It was Christianity, Holland writes. Christianity revolutionized sex and marriage, demanding that men control themselves and prohibiting all forms of rape. Christianity confined sexuality within monogamy. (It is ironic, Holland notes, that these are now the very standards for which Christianity is derided.) Christianity elevated women. In short, Christianity utterly transformed the world.


In fact, Holland points out that without Christianity, the Western world would not exist. Even the claims of the social justice warriors who despise the faith of their ancestors’ rest on a foundation of Judeo-Christian values. Those who make arguments based on love, tolerance, and compassion are borrowing fundamentally Christian arguments. If the West had not become Christian, Holland writes, “no one would have gotten woke.”


Then how do we account for the injustices in the history of the West, the cruelty of religious wars, slavery, colonialism, racism, and so much more?  We account for it by realizing that Christianity has been a battle against the native proclivities of fallen human beings.  Most were really not discipled to live as Messiah and to follow his ways of peace, reconciliation, and love. When such people came to the fore, people of deep godly goodness, they produced great gain. The influence of such people as John Newton, the former slave trader, and writer of the beloved hymn Amazing Grace is amazing.  When he said this grace “saved a wretch like me” he was referencing his cruel work in the slave trade.  His friend William Wilberforce was the key member of Parliament whose Christian faith motivated him to see the elimination of slavery throughout the British Empire.  Champions of civil rights like Jonathan Blanchard, the founder of Wheaton College (1860), and the great revivalist and leader at Oberlin College, Charles Finney played significant roles.  We read of Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin without realizing that her Evangelical father and brother were abolitionist pastors.  Her biblical faith motivated her.  


Alas, progress always came from a minority, but it came and was based on reading the Bible  Most rationalized their unbiblical views and yet claimed to be Christians.  The history of the Western World is a history of the struggle to really convert the paganism of the heart.   Paganism remains in the heart and syncretism is the rule.  Maybe it was not the syncretism of bowing down to the gods of Canaan, but it was the syncretism of war, cruelty, slavery, and colonial exploitation.  Sometimes the missionaries who wanted to lift the population fought the leaders of the companies and governors who were there to despoil the natives for the enrichment of the home country.  The Bible’s teaching was and is dismissed as impractical, or only for the really few who are called to a more rigid obedience. The rest can call themselves Christians and even attend Church while they engage in the real politic of state craft, or rapacious business dealings, or sexual exploitation.  Truly Chesterton was right. Christianity was found difficult and was not usually really tried. 


Today we deal with social protests on the issue of racism.  How much racism still exists in America, how systemic it is in police departments or other sectors of society is a great ongoing debate.  There will be statistics, surveys, and studies after the smoke clears (literally).  Drawing conclusions on this is not the point of this essay.  The turn to Marxism and socialism as providing solutions would be a disastrous turn.  Only the power of the Gospel and a more Biblical influence will take the United States forward in a lasting and positive way.  There needs to be much repentance for the lack of faithfulness to the claims of the Gospel.  Some are leading in this. I should note that racism, enslaving other populations, and genocide are part of the terrible and long history of most world cultures.  It is not a specifically European/American problem.  


One story will have to suffice and will show us the depth of the problem in the human heart.  In 1906 the Holy Spirit was poured out in meetings on Azuza Street in Los Angeles.  The meetings were led by a black preacher, William Seymore.  These meetings launched what we now know as Pentecostalism.  Today Pentecostalism and its offshoots in the new charismatic movements and networks are by far the largest and most effective movements of growth in Protestant Christianity.  There is amazing growth in China, Asia in general, India, Africa, and South America.


That the leader, in the beginning, was a black preacher should have said something to all who followed after.  It was that God was after an inclusive movement that broke down all barriers of race and ethnicity.   In the beginning, it was so. Then something happened.  The whites decided that it was unseemly for them to be in a movement with blacks and they split from the blacks and started white Pentecostal denominations.  Hence the largest Pentecostal denomination in America, the Church of God in Christ, is a black denomination.  There has been verbal repentance from the leaders and spoken reconciliation, but so much more needs to happen in joining together to see the Gospel go forth with power and to focus on solving the issues of the underclass black communities.  We could give so many more examples. What did this happen?  It was rationalization.  It was part of the long history of Christianity.  As a Messianic Jew, I can point to the worst of it all, the long history of Anti-Semitism in the West.  Yes, “Christianity was found to be difficult and untried.”  But thank God for those who tried it. Much of the real progress in the west is due to them and Holland saw it. 


Black Lives Matter: As it Stands Now

Four major feature articles in the Jerusalem Post weekend addition responded to the Black Lives Matter protests.  I quoted one writer, Amotz Asa El, in a personal Facebook post. The general consensus of the four was sympathy for the situation of the Black underclass and crediting that racism is a problem.  But then the writers all noted their alarm at the violent upheaval taking place and warned that the direction that things were taking was likely to lead to a bad end.  The Post commented on the statue of George Washington in Portland being toppled because he owned slaves.  People in St. Louis are protesting the name of the city.  It goes back to when it was a French trading post before the Louisiana Purchase (1803).  King  Louis IX of France was an anti-Semite that burned Talmuds.  Washington’s great biographer, James Thomas Flexner, describes a Washington that was conflicted by slavery and freed his slaves in his will.  Asa El says of Jefferson, “Jefferson was a slave owner. It was a status into which he was born. However, he also led Virginia’s groundbreaking banishment of slave importation, and as president, he criminalized international slave trade and sought a way to emancipate all slaves. Can any of his defacers claim to have done for liberty and equality just a fraction of all this?”  So much of human rights is based on his words, “All men (persons) are created equal.”  There is a big difference between a Washington or Jefferson, and those who went to war to maintain slavery.  How much to honor these Confederate leaders in our day is a real question. Rabbi Stuart Weiss, a leading Rabbi here in Ra’anana wrote that he fears for America now more than any other time in his life.  The violent upheaval and lawless rule is so alarming to him, though he is sympathetic to the cause of blacks and their racism problems  


However, when we look beyond the Black Lives Matter official organization platform which is radically socialist (Marxist?), anti-Israel-pro-BDS, anti-traditional family, and super pro-LGBT we see that many blacks are joining this movement that do not endorse these aberrations.  Some of my friends have said that we need to listen to these protesting blacks.  However, there is not one black voice.  I am trying to grasp the different voices.  I see three categories of black leaders and they are really as far as I can grasp it on a continuum spectrum.  


The first category which is the largest group of protestors believes there is systemic racism in the police and society.  They want to root it out.  They want police reform and programs to lift the black community.  They want to reform the police but not to abolish them.  They want more training for community police to be a positive presence and a larger contingent of minority police. This has already happened in Atlanta where the black police constitute 57% of the force.   Is their understanding of systemic racism correct?  The lawyer for murdered George Floyd, Ben Crump, gave an amazing interview to Neil Cavuto.  It had a great balance even on the monument issues.  What a credit to the Black people he is!  


Secondly are the radicals with include whites and blacks who are pushing violence and a Marxist or anarchist agenda.  They are the ones demanding total defunding of the police (really they mean this and it is not a euphemism for reforming the police).  There is also an anti-Jewish aspect. They told the Jewish mayor of Minneapolis “Go home Jacob,” when he would not agree to the demands to totally defund.  It should be noted that these folks do not want to take a vote on issues but want to rule by the mob.  The radicals have caused more damage in destroying businesses, even minority businesses, than we yet know, but some estimates are very high.  After this is all over there will be a calculation.   Some in the first group claim that those in this group have stolen their movement and made their violent revolution the issue and not justice for blacks.  The radicals claim that free enterprise itself is necessarily oppressive and must be torn down. 


Then thirdly, there are the conservative blacks.  Some have stood with the protests against police brutality, but most have not been in the protests.  There are important voices in this group.  They include Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell (who came out of retirement to write), Robert Woodson, Kay Cole James (head of the Heritage Foundation), Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal, and many more.  However, the mainstream press does not give them a voice.  Their view is that there is a problem with police and reform is necessary, but less police would bring more death.  There needs to be more training, more power to fire bad apples, and better community policing. However, they see the primary problem as the failure of liberal policies which has kept the black underclass in their situation of misery and has led to frustration and their embrace wrong narrative to understand it.  For one thing, these conservatives believe that restoring the black family is crucial and that welfare should support family stability and not undercut it.  They embrace workfare and training for welfare to lift people up.  They believe in school choice and charters as ways to life blacks. They will point to the Success Charter Schools in New York and their superiority in educating blacks to achieve.  The alliance of education unions with the Democratic politicians is, they believe, responsible for much of the blame. Some of them will make the very offensive statement to some that if black underclass crime was very low there would not be a significant police problem, though bad police are a problem beyond the issue of race. Bernard Kerick, the former long term police commissioner in New York, said there is a problem with a minority of police maybe 5%.  However, the unions spend 90% of their time coming up with protections for this 5% and make it very hard to fire them. 


My view is that systemic racism is not where the protesters think it is.  There is racism in some police and maybe there is some systemic in some departments.  But this has to be researched.  


Let’s broaden the issue of systemic racism beyond the idea of people who really believe that blacks are an inferior race to the idea of systematically avoiding solving the problem of the black underclass.  (60% of blacks are middle to upper-middle class, so the main issue Is the 40%). This problem is both local and national.  How is that?  The Republicans due to Lincoln were for years the party of the black people.  But they did not come up with the programs that would have lifted the black community out of poverty.  When they lost the black vote, they simply wrote them off as if to say,  “If they are not going to keep us in power, just ignore them.”  The Democrats provided them with money and programs and took away their vote. In the beginning, this was well-intentioned (Magnet’s The Dream and the Nightmare.). However, the Democrats created a failed system that keeps the black underclass dependent and oppressed.  The condition of the black family and education was better before the trillions were spent on programs for the poor!  Amazing.  After 50 years we know what does not work.  But the black vote is taken for granted as the Democrats tout give always that do not lift the community but perpetuate dependence.  Without two-party competition, the blacks will not get the right debate on the policies that can work. This is the theme of the conservative blacks.  The liberals fight the very things that would lift the blacks; educational choice, incentives for family stability, enterprise zones with job training, and massive community policing to end the violence where 7500 blacks in one year were killed by black on black crime and violence.  


The political parties have left us with a systemic problem and the blacks think the problem is overt racial prejudice.  It certainly exits, but would most businesses not hire a qualified black? Do most colleges today accept qualified blacks into their schools?  Yes.  The issues are not rightly analyzed.  My views are in line with the black conservatives. 


But finally, I see the main issue of repentance as with the Church.  Can we really think that secular programs to lift people can succeed without the Gospel?  How much do we believe in the transformative power of the Gospel?  But then we must face by our broadened definition the systemic racism of the Church establishment.  This is not the racism of believing that blacks are an inferior race, but the racism that simply ignores the issue of the condition of the black underclass.  One can easily deduce from the example and teaching of Yeshua that the primary thrust of the Gospel is first for the poor, the marginalized, or the underclass.  In the 1980s the American Evangelical Church attained its largest numbers and percent in the society.  Now it shrinks.  The Church focused on meeting the needs of its members but not on the power of the Gospel to the neediest.  Maybe the members would not have had such neediness if they knew the power of God in their lives and saw the power of God on the cutting edge of investing in the population where Yeshua would have most given his time.  Yes, there are exceptions.  But this is the main root of the problem, and the United States is reaping what the Evangelical Church has sown. Also, there may be blame in the Black Church, but this is not for me to judge.  However, black conservative Church leaders tell me that in the black community  the Gospel is a mile wide and an inch deep. There is little depth of discipleship, especially for young black youth.  


There is a racist history too when we note what happened in the great Pentecostal revival.  William J. Seymour lead the Azuza street revival in 1906.  He was a black preacher.  This revival has transformed Christianity.  Pentecostal Christianity and its offshoots in the new charismatic streams is now the largest and most effective Church the world has ever seen. The gains in Africa, Asia, and South America are astonishing.  Again, it was started by a black preacher.  Then the white Pentecostals in America did not want to be in an association of Churches with black leaders, so the movement split into black denominations and white denominations.  There have been verbal repentance meetings with forgiveness.  But are we yet seeing restitution?  This is where reparations can be an issue.  It would seem that the issue is that white churches should be now making the black underclass their primary mission focus.  How much would their young people be then inspired in seeing the transformation of the black community by the Gospel? The Gospel is the greatest justice force for the underclasses of the world that has ever been seen.  


There is a lot of blame to go around; corrupt police and some bad police departments maintained by unions, and corrupt politicians, Democrats, and Republicans.  Then there is the Church. But only the Church can really repent on the right basis of sin before God and gain the power to bring the Gospel of reconciliation.  May we see that repentance and revival. 



Revolution and Biblical Worldview

I have been greatly saddened to see the extent to which younger Christians and Messianic Jews are saluting revolutionary social movements that are opposed to the Biblical World View.  Perhaps they do not realize this incompatibility.  


As I reflect on history, it seems that every social revolution that was not directly motivated by the biblical worldview or indirectly influenced by this world view, has led to destruction.  The Roman Catholic Catechism amazingly warns against utopian movements that are not based on biblical norms, and as you know I am not a Roman Catholic, but this statement is amazing.   


“The Antichrist’s deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgment.   The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come . . .”


Let’s just recount a few of these revolutions, biblical and anti-biblical. 


The Biblical normed movements include the following:  the anti-slavery movement in England led by the famous Evangelical William Wilberforce who was friends with former slave trader John Newton who wrote the famous hymn Amazing Grace.  Then came the anti-slavery movement in the United States backed by Jonathan Blanchard, the founder of Wheaton College, the famous revivalist Charles Finney, and the  Stowe family, the most famous of which is Harriet Beecher Stowe.   Her father and brother were anti-slavery ministers.  Then in recent years the biblical-based civil rights movement under Rev.  Martin Luther King.   The biblical movements all hearken back to the idea of all humans having equal worth and created in the image of God. (U. S. Declaration of Independence).  In Acts 17:26 we read, “From one He made every nation of men to live on the face of the earth, having set appointed times and the boundaries of their territory.”  


However, the anti-biblical movements led to death and destruction.  The French revolution and its guillotine, the Russian Marxist revolution, and other terrible Marxist examples: China, Cambodia, and today in Venezuela.   As Satan masquerades as an angel of light, we should note that the movements of our day may indeed come from an antichrist spirit.   The Devil, we read in John 10:10 comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.  Tens of millions have been slaughtered.  Marxist phrases like “To each according to his need and from each according to his ability,” sound so attractive but can be so deceptive as they call for a leveling equality tyranny. 


Today, we find ourselves in a situation of tragedy in the loss of a black man by the name of George Floyd and the police abuse of other blacks. We also see the carnage of black on black crime, 7500 killed and we are not supposed to mention this.  Why?  Because the revolutionaries do not want us to see the whole picture but to focus on the anti-police anti-American ideas they put forth.  A biblical conscience should be deeply outraged by all this pain.  There should be movements of believers to clean up police and to lift the lives of our minority friends who are equally valued. 


However, we now find the leaders of movements of deception were ready, poised to take advantage of the situation, spreading violence, utopian anarchist messages, Marxist ideology, and more.  When they occupy part of a city, they steal the property rights of the citizens. When they demonize police, they demonize many who give their lives to protect the people.  They violate Romans 13 that exhorts us to respect the civil authority and the power of the sword in authority.  


The views and tactics of these radicals are anti-biblical.  They single out white people and include Jews in that category!  Yet in the Bible, we speak of many ethnic groups.  They are white, black, yellow, and every shade and style of bodily form.  All are created equal.  White-skinned people have many different backgrounds from many ethnicities, some nations with colonial history but some having no such history.  From the European nations have come the very ideas of civil rights and human rights that we seek to extend and advance (especially England).  The atheist historian Tom Holland in a recent book notes that all we value in rights, tolerance, and mercy come from the influence of the biblical world view.  Amazing!  However, when Martin Luther King spoke biblically, he rightly said that human beings should be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin.  When whites are being made to repent for white privilege and especially white group guilt, this is the spirit of communist re-education camps not real biblical repentance for sin.   Of course whites in America today are by percentages more privileged.   But in the Bible, this would not be cause for repentance for a special original sin type guilt.  It would be a source of gratitude for all that has been received in God’s providence and then would require a responsibility to lift those who are not so privileged.  White guilt in America could have value as a concept if those who are privileged of all races do not seek to lift those who are less successful. But repenting for whiteness as inherently evil is anti-biblical.  I do think the American Church has reason for repentance in not focusing its primary efforts to the poor, for the Gospel is the greatest liberator. 


In a biblical world view, we must not identify with movements that single out people of any color for special guilt or praise on account of skin color and ethnicity.  All ethnicities have good things to be praised and bad things from which to be redeemed.  We all are sinners.  As such we can look at the sad history of the world.  It is not merely Europeans that have oppressed people.  All of world history shows one ethnic group oppressing and subjecting other ethnic groups.   It is the nature of sin to favor those who are “like me” and to disfavor and distrust those who are not.  The Bible speaks to this in the numerous texts on how to treat the stranger, demanding that the Gospel first be given to the poor to lift them and finally in the parable of the Good Samaritan.  We ask the question, “Who is my neighbor?” and the parable answers the questions and extols the hated and marginalized Samaritan.  However, the Marxist influence in the Black Lives Matter movement, (and Black Lives Really do Matter), and the anarchist anti-police and anti-government thrust will lead to terrible destruction especially for the poor and marginalized.  Believers must not enable or support these aspects of what is going on.   When people are asked to repent for being white this is more a communist shaming and re-education tactic than the Biblical call repentance before a holy God who says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  All are called to deep repentance before him, to search our hearts for any prejudice and by the Spirit to root it out of our hearts.  We will never be perfect on the issue of preferring ourselves to others, but must always work against this selfish tendency.  However, Christians and Messianic Jews must not cow-tow to Marxist and anarchist phrases and demands.  We must call all to repentance. 


In our universities, leftist ideologies have reigned.  We have for 60 years sowed to the wind in our universities and in the United States are now reaping the whirlwind.  The corruption of the movement for civil rights and lifting black communities is being corrupted with Marxist and anarchist ideas and will lead to more destruction.  The only hope I see is in the Gospel and a massive revival beyond anything we have ever seen. Such is the deep darkness right now, but my hope is that the Lord will rise upon us.  (Is. 60)



In Politics We Trust

I have been alarmed to see my friends on social media completely absorbed by the present political moment of Donald Trump being President.   They are compulsively preoccupied and write incessantly on Trump, both negative and positive.  Really, there is Trump derangement syndrome on both sides. Those who are compulsively negative and those who are compulsively defending him both have come to a point that concerns me greatly.  I do write on political and social issues, but the solution to many of the most difficult social problems in the culture in the United States will not come by politics.  I will make my position clear one more time in a soon to be published post, but I think it is a great mistake to make the Trump arguments our focus.  If you read my official page you will note that this is not my focus, but I respond to friends for whom it is primary.   But I really am coming to the point of wanting to opt-out of responding.  I want to also apply this to the present situation of the riots in America after the terrible injustice of the death of George Floyd.  

Over 50 years ago, I read a little book by the famous French thinker, Jacque Ellul, entitled The Political Illusion.  Ellul, in my view, was left of center in his politics.  However, he decried the tendency in the society to think that salvation would come through politics or that there was some type of utopia to be produced by politics.  Justice is something we must learn to practice as disciples in our normal course of life and where we can really affect things; it is in our neighborhood, our workplace, our business, and our neighborhood.  People spend their emotional energy in ways that produce no gain in the lives of people at all.  All of these social media posts are part of the political illusion.  Ellul did believe that Christianity always requires us to identify first of all with the marginalized and dispossessed. 

My view of the riots that are now taking place in the United States is that they show blood lust, hatred, the trivialization of human worth, and show the truth of John 10:10 when Yeshua said that Satan “comes not but to rob, kill, and destroy.”  So this can tell you the nature of these riots. He came to give life abundant.  I have argued that the Gospel is the greatest instrument for justice that can be imagined.  It brings a person into deliverance from being a victim and gives supernatural power to overcome and to make a difference in the society by combining the call of love with justice, not hatred, and violence.  Our hope is in the Gospel and revival.  Sadly, many who are in the Church do not know the power of the Gospel and the supernatural miraculous level of effect that is available; how mighty is prayer and the signs and wonders that follow.  How mighty is revival!   When black and white (and Hispanic and Asian) join together in the power of Yeshua, a way forward can be found.  50 years of the welfare state has not brought justice and prosperity for all.  A trillion dollars spent and we still have failed schools in the poor areas of the cities still have drugs, gangs, killings fatherless homes and the life is cheap orientation.  Of course, the corrupt politicians misspent and mishandled and a few more trillions will lead to the same dead end. Where are the Christians marching in the streets with the message of the Gospel and the message of love and reconciliation?   Where are the Christian institutions that provide and educate the poor?  They are some, but not nearly enough.  

Mike Brown’s very good book, Donald Trump is not My Savior, hits the right note on these matters.  Whether one is pro-Trump or anti Trump should not be the preoccupation of believers.  Yes, we should be responsible for our civic calling.  But the more important thing is that both sides should join together for the extension of the Kingdom.  We have bigger fish to fry than politics.   Revival, love, reconciliation, and truth will have political effects, but it will be through Yeshua.  And why should we think un-regenerated men and women will provide the answers and the way out. 

Media, Censorship, and Hate Speech

I had friends whose writing and teaching have been shadow banned on Facebook, removed from YouTube, and banned from Twitter.  One very egregious example is the removal of the presentations of the famous Jewish commentator, Dennis Praeger.  The reason given is hate speech.  The material removed or banned was due to conservative viewpoints, and in some cases promoting traditional views of marriage, family, and sexuality, indeed Biblical teaching.  The accusation is that traditional values promote homophobia and transphobia.  The large media companies are monopolistic and have great control over speech in general.  They are given special favor because they claim to be neutral platforms for sharing information, viewpoints, and personal connections among people.  They are not neutral platforms. 


A more recent commitment was made by a Facebook giant to remove content that goes against COVID 19 recommendations by the World Health Organization. Contrary scientific opinions will not be tolerated.  This now makes Facebook an arbiter of what counts as scientific truth.  Twitter has now taken to fact-checking President Trump’s tweets, though some say when he speaks contrary fact his Tweet should not be allowed.  The President is now furious about this.  One humorous situation has now developed.  The WHO has now recommended that people no wear masks outside to prevent COVID 19 transmission. The Centers for Disease Control, that bastion of establishment health policy, still recommends wearing makes outside.  Now, what will Facebook do?  According to their stated policy, they should ban recommendations from the CDC!  Being the arbiter of what counts as scientific truth is a dicey business. 


Recently President Trump has decreed an end to the special protection for these media giants and has removed their status as neutral platforms.  This would then define them as news services with editorial decision making etc.  This opens them up to the kind of responsibility and to lawsuits that the press faces. I don’t know that it will do much good. I think the big giants need to be broken up.  They are monopolies.  There needs to be multiple platforms, many of them.  If there is to be a neutral platform, then here is my list of rules. 


  1. Only calls for violent actions and lewd pornographic material should be banned. This last would be in coordination with the FCC.  This would ban all terrorists and their organizations. 
  2. Hate speech will not be a criterion.  If people want to claim that traditional morality is hate speech, traditionalists can claim that calling them homophobes and transphobes is hate speech. It is not hate speech to say that if one does not repent of sin the person will go to hell.  It is not hate speech to say that all religions but the Biblical faith are false religions.  It may not be very tolerant, but it is to be tolerated. The communicator will claim to be acting in love to save a person from hell. All hell, fire, and brimstone preachers in history claimed this.  Control freaks want to control all who are not acting in the tolerant way they define. 
  3. The answer to wrong speech is more speech.  No one should police a neutral platform beyond these two standards.  People will have to grow up and learn to check different material, judge which sites are trustworthy, and reject false claims and conspiracy theories.  A neutral site must be an arbiter of truth.  There are government agencies that deal with false advertising and fraudulent products.
  4. There should be many non-neutral sites that simply set the parameters of what they will or not.  One would choose those services according to one’s purposes and agreeing to their standards.  They can censor anything they want and promote anything they want, and more or less control the information posted.  There could be sites for people of different views.  Competing sites and competing information would be a great thing.  

George Floyd, Identity Politics and the City Riots in America

I wrote a personal Facebook post and now want to expand that post for my personal page and my official page.  

“An amazing statement by Jack Brewer who was a star on the Minnesota Vikings on the recent terrible death. He says that the problem is primarily a spiritual one, that racism is a Satanic spiritual thing that has to be dealt with spiritually. He says that identity politics has greatly worsened the situation and that identifying whites as inherently evil or racist or blacks as inferior is a spiritual disease and a huge Satanic problem. So, what about a mass movement of prayer and reconciliation, repentance, and forgiveness. This is not a prayer as part of a  superficial cover-up. Let us pray that evil will be rooted out. That racism would be destroyed. That evil actors in the police forces would be rooted out. That the evil responding anarchists like Antifa would be thwarted. Let’s pray first of all that the Gospel will go forth and bring the depth of repentance and reconciliation that is needed. This cannot happen by mere human efforts. We need black churches and white churches and mixed-race churches to come together, to pray, march, witness, etc. O for the Church to rise up.”

I want to expand this post with a few comments.  The central issue to me is that the issues are approached apart from a biblical world view.  That world view can influence the responses and approaches of people who are not followers of Jesus.  The biblical world view tells us that all are created in the image of God.  That includes white policemen, the good ones and the criminals, and black criminals and black non-criminals.  It tells us that all are deeply sinful, depraved in heart and that civilization is sometimes a mere veneer.  That without regeneration and the influence in society from the regenerated, people will seek to dominate others and exercise power to their benefit and at their expense.  Sin will lead to racism, ethno-centricity, sadism, hedonism, misogyny.   This is why it becomes the work of the Body of the Messiah to bring the prophetic voice into the situation, movements of justice, and reconciliation based on the equal worth of all people. If one particular racial or ethnic group is more unjustly treated, the focus of the prophetic will be to redress that injustice.  In the case of the black community, political leaders have practiced neglect (they don’t vote for me), policies that have destroyed the black family, allowed white racists in the police force, created an education system that does not prepare the poor black children to overcome poverty.  We have not spent sufficient policing to destroy the drug problem and end the cycles of violence.  The lack of the commitment of the Church to these problems and their non-involvement is a root cause issue and shows a need for deep repentance and reconciliation.  Now that the Church has left this vacuum, along come those who are anti-biblical in world view and who kill and destroy according to the desire of Satan.  

Some want to say that the rioters are spontaneously rioting due to their frustration.  This may be true of a few.  But why would they destroy minority-owned businesses?  We need to understand that in all probability these riots were long-planned, and the planners were just looking for the opportunity; the end of the lockdown for COVID 19 and an occasion to launch the riots.  If this is diligently dealt with by the FBI, I think we will find the following.

  1. Anti-biblical and anti-free enterprise anarchists and socialists marching under the banner of Antifa and Black lives matter.   Sadly, only the Gospel and right kind of free enterprise can lift the poor black community. 
  2. Anti-White blacks who have bought into the identity politics that teaches hatred and that the white people are all guilty, inherently evil, \and deserve to be treated with violence and disdain.  Guess what? Whites are also in the image of God and are also deserving of being treated with dignity as much as blacks and Hispanics.  All must treat each other as James says, as in the image of God and deserving of mutual reverence.  The teaching of hatred is totally opposed to God. 
  3. White supremacists have also entered the mix to keep the pot boiling.  They desire a civil war.  

The organized rioters want to burn down the very businesses in the neighborhoods that are most needed to raise up the poor in the communities where they are established.  The anarchists include groups that really should be labeled as domestic terrorists.  The white supremacists also include those who should be labeled as domestic terrorists. 

In addition, the media has fanned these flames.  By claiming that President Trump is a racist (he is not, he is bombastic), and by claiming that those who support him are racists, homophobes, trans-fobes, and more they have fanned the flames of division and fostered conditions that lead to riots.  The President’s rhetoric has not helped but by falsely intensifying and magnifying the accusations that media has really been irresponsible.  On the right and left it is full speed ahead into the abyss.  The media should be putting a lid on the boiling pot.  Instead, they have been stoking the fire. 

It is time for those who can lead to lead a movement of love, justice, and reconciliation and to address the real injustices with real solutions.  We see such people as the football star quoted above, as the descendants of the family of Martin Luther King.  There are such voices among blacks and whites, and may they come to lead.  And also, let’s see the justice department go after the domestic terrorists of the left and the right. 

One more thing. We have spent trillions on COVID 19.  We can spend a few billion to rebuild the businesses destroyed by the terrorists and anarchists.  Let give this money in grant form, not loans.  Let’s rebuild these neighborhoods.


The Plague of Divorce and Marriage Avoidance

One of the greatest failures of the Body of Believers is the divorce rate among those who claim to follow Yeshua. It is similar to the world and shows a great level of worldliness. I grew up in the 1950s and was in high school from 1961-1965. Divorce in the larger society was rare, and in the Church and Synagogue super rare. This did provide a great deal of security, though there were some negatives in dysfunctional families. Then the great rebellion came. The antiwar protestors said, “Make love, not war.” And make love they did! (Not love really but sex.) Eventually, this led to a culture of easy divorce. The culture no longer reinforced lasting marriage. The stigma of divorce was removed. Today divorce is common. There are many who plan to never marry. One survey said that 1/3 of younger unmarried people plan to never marry. That is the world. But what of the communities of faith. Sadly, their profession is better, but their stats are the same. How sad! It shows that the believing community was dependent on the larger culture and its reinforcement. There have been many studies on how greatly divorce affects children and that in a very negative way. One of my greatest points of sadness is to see divorce among the next generation after mine among the children of people we know. Some married professing their faith in Yeshua.

There is a corollary that I truly believe about marriage. If two parties to a marriage are passionately in love with Yeshua and growing more and more into his image then they will grow to love each other more and more. As we grow into his likeness God gives us the capacity to see our spouse with understanding, compassion, and appreciation. Quirks become endearing. Mistakes elicit emotions of love. Forgiveness reigns. In growing to be more like Him we love our spouses more and more. The other way to say this is that two people who are truly becoming more and more discipled will love each other more and more. Discipleship enables us to obey his commands, but that in a context to become more and more like Him. This means that we obey his commands to love our spouses and to not divorce for Yeshua commands us to stay married.

Divorce, therefore, is the manifestation of the following.

  • Worldliness in the Body of the Messiah.
  • The plague of pornography that destroys the joy of physical love in marriage and undercuts our passion for our spouses.
  • The ungodly view of the right to fulfillment in this life, and that if the marriage is not fulfilling at the time, then I can get out.
  • The loss of the fear of God. God will exact the consequences for those that divorce without biblical grounds.
  • The lack of discipleship in the principles for a good marriage and how to walk this out.

However, all of these things are summarized in one great matter that I do make part of this list. It is that we are either growing more and more into the likeness of Yeshua or failing in that. In this love for Yeshua, our love for our spouses and our solid commitment is deeper and deeper. If one is kept back from this passion for Yeshua by sin, pornography, greed, and other self-centered orientations, then the person is called to repent and to fully seek his power to overcome Also seek help to be an overcomer.