Messianic Judaism – Five Foundational Points

Messianic Judaism has to maintain five foundational foundations.  One of the five is a negative point that keeps us from aberrations.  Messianic Judaism is based on these foundations.  The basic points are in bold. 

  1. Jews who come to faith in Yeshua are called to identify and live as Jews, as part of the Jewish people. This was the first discovery and foundation of theology in Messianic Judaism.
  2. Living a Jewish life is based on the pattern of life found in the Torah and applied as fitting to the New Covenant.  Rabbinic traditions are embraced when they are in accord with the Spirit and letter of the Bible.  We live a Yeshua-centered life. 
  3. Jewish life in Yeshua requires creating congregations and groupings that socially reinforce Jewish life in Yeshua.  
  4. Gentiles are not called or convenantly responsible to live according to the Biblical Jewish Torah patterns.  Gentiles are called to understand the teaching of the Torah, the Sabbath, the Feasts, circumcision, and the food laws.  They may be led by the Spirit to join with Messianic Jews in celebrations or may have celebrations near to the seasons of Jewish celebration, but this is strictly a matter of the leading of the Spirit. There is no superiority to doing nor not doing such celebrations at the times.  Galatians, Col. 2, and Romans 14 mean what they say.  Those who do not accept Gentile liberty in this regard fall into varieties of One Law Movements which is the major heresy that we struggle against.  Churches confuse this with the Messianic Jews, think they are us and barriers go up.  One law movements tend to be anti-Church traditions and slander their traditions as wrong and pagan. 
  5. Messianic Judaism is pro-Church and recognizes that we are one with all churches that truly confess Yeshua and the authority of the Bible.  We affirm the heritage and practices of the churches to the extent that they cohere with the teaching of the letter and spirit of the Bible.  While there are things that are to be corrected in the church and its history (anti-Semitism, replacement theology) we nevertheless must seek unity for we are one Body (John 17;21)