Trump and the Prophetic Consensus

I have given rational reasons as to why Christians and Messianic Jews can justly support Donald Trump in spite of this past behavior and in spite of behavior today that is concerning.  My arguments have been based on policy.  My readers know my views on policy. 


However, I have not before noted that there is a very strong consensus from credible prophets that Christians and Messianic Jews are called to support President Trump.  When I have slightly indicated such recently, there has been great push back on the fact that many so-called prophets are not trustworthy and that they don’t trust the glitzy T. V. prophets either. 


However, I have walked with prophetic people for decades.  The ones I walk with are not the glitzy T. V. prophets who make wrong international proclamations and do nothing when they turn out to be false.  I have walked closely with some who are not famous, not media personalities but have deep humility and have a very strong track record of accuracy.  I think there is a strong consensus among them.  Here is what they have said.


  1. Trump’s election was by the hand of God.
  2. His election was predicated since 2012 before anyone thought of him as even a candidate. 
  3. He would be a great disrupter, coarse, and unorthodox.  It was for the sake of completely shaking up an evil and compromised establishment. 
  4. He would restore religious liberty.
  5. He would support Israel and be a Cyrus.  He is the 45th President and is connected to Isaiah 45.  He would be a Cyrus to Israel.  Note that he moved the embassy of the U. S. to Jerusalem.  This was prophesied before he was elected.  After the embassy move, Israel minted a coin with King Cyrus of Persia on one side and Donald Trump on the other side.  
  6. Others have noted that Trump would also be like a Jehu and would go after Jezebel.  He would be a wild man like Jehu. 
  7. He would roll back some of the evil directions re: abortion and other negative trends against Evangelicals. 


There is a lot more but I think having more than a merely human perspective helps us, though we do need to confirm prophetic words and not just follow.  Some words seem quite amazing and predictive.