Two World Views, The LGBTQ+ World View and the Biblical World View

Recently, Arizona Christian University took legal action when their teaching candidates were declared no longer eligible to be student teachers in the public schools.  As a result of this legal action against religious discrimination, the policy was withdrawn.  (In Canada right now there seems no recourse for Christian believers.) The education leaders who sought to remove ACU from the program claimed that the conservative Christian views were not inclusive to LGBTQ+ people, and the views of conservative Christians were hateful.  We expect more and more attacks against classical orthodox varieties of Christianity: Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox, Methodist, independents and more.  I think Orthodox Jews will be included as well. This will be the case even if Christians support the civil rights for LGBTQ+ people with the provision that artists are not forced to create art contrary to their conscience.  

I do think the center of the attack is likely to be against Christian colleges and other schools at all levels. The idea of live and let live is not where the LGBTQ+ community activists are going. It is not an option for them to allow theologically conservative people to freely practice their faith, education and seek to convince other people of their faith. Why?  Because the very existence of theologically conservative believers is a challenge to the foundations of the world view of the LGBTQ+ activists. It is not that the LGBTQ activists simply want to be free to practice every kind of sexual arrangement and radically support trans-sexuality as well. No, they seek to force all people to confess to their world view or be marginalized. One can be religious in a secondary sense, but the religion of the LGBTQ+ community is the LGBTQ+ religion. This religion may be gaining ground because it is supported by a new movement of trans-humanism which is supported by very rich elites that seek to overcome human nature as we have know it.  (see Jennifer Bilek research)

LGBTQ+ begins with support for the idea of “my truth.  “My truth” is not the old idea of an objective order of reality but affirms a subjectivism for self-definition and is in accord with post- modernism and its view of knowledge (epistemology). Every human being is said to have equal worth and this includes a deep level of freedom. The individual can look inside and discover their true authentic self and can create their own meaning and lifestyle directions from that authentic center. Thus, a transgender child, even at 5 years old, can define themselves as a female in a male body or visa-versa. This self-definition is one’s ultimate meaning. One could be an atheist or have some vague spirituality or religion but that is secondary.   

This new post-modern religion is contrary to the old atheism of scientific naturalism. Two scientific naturalists did indeed declare the tenets of this new religion to be irrational and without any foundation in reality. For the historian and futurist, Yuval Harari at Hebrew University, there is no free self that can freely chose and define their own meaning. While not pushing against transgender identities, the idea of equal worth and inner authentic freedom is a non-existent reality. It is a myth. Everyone is biologically determined. The equal worth of all is also such a myth. For the famous atheist biologist, Richard Dawkins, all is determined and that includes the fact that there are only two sexes, male and female, whose distinctions are total and biologically pervasive. A male can see to live as a female but he is still male!

The Biblical world view is contrary to the old atheistic scientific naturalism and the post-modern relativism with its idea of all being radically free to somehow intuit and then chose to live out the authentic self. First, the idea of the equal worth of human beings cannot be sustained without its biblical basis in the image of God. This is why trans-humanists despise this idea and think it keeps them from the technological re-creation of human beings. They support the LGBTQ agenda as part of breaking down traditional norms so they can create their “brave new world,’’ but they reject the equal inherent worth of every human being. The Biblical world view provides us with a given objective meaning of who we are as created in God’s image and provides us with God’s guide book for how to live. This is rejected by the LGBTQ people as terribly restrictive and hateful. For Bible believers, meaning is not self-derived but received through our relationship to our Creator. There is great room for freedom, but He defines our authentic meaning, including the norms for human sexuality, marriage and family and the basics for all the spheres of life. The biblical orientation threatens not just lifestyle choices but the deepest world view orientation of the LGBTQ+ activists. This is why they must destroy biblical faith.