Heaven, Hell and the After Life, What the Bible Really Says

This book is part of a series of three on what the Bible really says. The others are on prosperity and spiritual warfare.

In recent times there has been a push by some who came from the Evangelical world to promote a new universalism.  Generally, those who argue for this view argue that eventually all will be saved.  They also credit the idea of purgatory as the judgment, but it is temporary.  Will Hitler be saved?  One responded, “Yes, but it will take a very long time in purgatory.”  This is not a new view but is being repackaged.

My book addresses the destiny of those who are saved.  Some readers might be surprised to find out that the destiny of the saved resurrected is a restored earth.  Heaven is a wonderful holding place until that time of renewal.  It also addresses the destiny of the lost.  Yes, there are those who will be saved and those who will be eternally lost despite the arguments of the universalists.  The universalists simply do not take into account all the relevant texts.  I seek to provide clarity on the question of who is to be ultimately saved and who will be lost forever.

The book also deals with the evidence of those who have died and been revived (Near Death Experiences) and interprets that these experiences tell us.  The book has been endorsed by leading scholars from the Evangelical and Messianic Jewish worlds.

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