The Norwegian Ministry Trip and Family Reunion

I recently returned from a wonderful week in Norway.  I was invited to preach and teach in Bergen and Oslo.  The Lord graced us with unusual spring like weather for this time in Norway. For several years now, Oyvind Fumes has served as a wonderful bridge to our connected ministries in Israel.  This connection began after I sent one of our emissaries to Norway years ago to connect to Christ Church and Raidar Paulson. Then Oyvind came to be part of the Baruch HaBa Tour sponsored by the joint ministries connected to Tikkun here.  In 2005 we had a wonderful opportunity to teach in Norway through Oyvind Fumes and Terjei Gilje, a businessman leader in the Church in Bergen.  My daughter also had opportunity to teach shortly after finishing Army in Israel.  The center for this connection is Christ Church which was under Raidar Paulson in Bergen.  Raidar has been a cutting edge leader in Bergen and brought renewal and five-fold ministry understanding to Bergen as well as a commitment to Israel and Messianic Jewish ministry.  That was a long time ago.  We continued to connect to our friends through their visits to us in Israel.  They have continued to support ministries here. 

However, Oyvind began to believe that it was time to have deeper teaching on the issues of Israel, the Church, the Messianic Jews and the Last Days.  As such he became the coordinator for a conference in Bergen as well as a time of teaching at Christ Church.  This also included teaching the better part of a day at a combined meeting of several Bible Schools. This is so very important because we are impacting the younger generation of future leaders.  My son also was with me on this trip and had opportunity to teach at the Bible school day.  The conference on Saturday was given to more in-depth teaching than had been presented in our previous trip years ago.  There was an enthusiastic response from the students and faculty. On both Saturday and Sunday, it was very special to see Raidar Paulsen who is now 82 years old.  The new leader of Christ Church, (Krist Kirken) was also very supportive. I expect that he will carry on Raidar’s orientation.  I am excited to have a young leader furthering the vision. 

We had time on Friday to travel to a resident Bible school, and my son and I were able to teach the whole student Body.  In this case, the Bible school leader was quite on board with the teaching and very enthused that we came and taught.   The final time of teaching was in Oslo with 300 young adults who came every week for Bible teaching.  It was amazing.  The leader, Joakim Magnjs, is a YWAM leader in the Oslo area and somehow has developed this amazing weekly school!  

These kind of trips are crucial in preparing the churches for alignment and joining with the Messianic Jews and Israel in preparation for the revival, last harvest and the return of Yeshua.  

Some of my readers know that I have roots in Norway.   My mother was Norwegian and my Father Jewish.  Some years ago, I connected to our cousins in Norway. They are descendants of a family that had a deep commitment to Israel and its salvation which commitment goes back to the 18th century Lutheran Pietists who discovered the truth of Israel and its role in the return of the Lord.  For my son and grandson who was brought for a pre-bar mitzvah trip, connecting to the cousins was very special.  For me, ministry in Norway closes a circle and brings a fulfillment that is very deep. 

Those who make a covenant for Israel’s salvation express that covenant in prayer and giving to Jewish ministry.  We seek covenant partners on this basic, who will covenant with us as a practical concrete connection.  Praying for us and supporting this ministry in giving on a regular basis truly enables us to carry on and indeed, makes this ministry possible.  Do consider signing up on our mailing list and becoming a covenant partner.