The Great Loss of the Young Adult Generation to the Body of the Messiah

How is it possible that statistics say that the younger generation has been lost in droves to the Body of the Messiah? I don’t think the answers are difficult to find.  

The basic answer is that this generation in the deepest level of soul was formed much more by the secular world than by a culture of radical loyal followers of the Messiah.  Most parents allowed this generation to be raised by a public school system that does not respect biblical values in contradistinction to the time period when I was raised in public schools.  Teachers impart who they are.  Sometimes this includes demonic presence.  Our children were given at least 7 hours a day year after year.  Then they mostly attended secular higher education if they continued schooling.  The whole orientation and atmosphere were anti-biblical.  In addition, the young adult generation is the first generation raised on the internet.  Many found much anti-biblical content to influence them. However, there is another more insidious and hidden aspect.  Focus on the screen hour after hour produces for many an inability to focus and concentrate.  Brain physiologists and psychologists note a change in brain function and addictive behavior.  This produces an inability to read deeply or to appreciate the depth of truth, beauty, and goodness. Thomas Dubay in his great book, The Evidential Power of Beauty, one of the most profound books I have ever read, and an amazing apologetic for biblical faith, notes that beauty reveals God.  However, a jaded generation no longer can appreciate beauty on any deep level.  Their minds are dulled.  There is a lack of interest even in the beauties of sports, both participatory and spectator.  In summary, we did not produce a counterculture, but were blindsided and inadvertently allowed the world to raise our children.  

There are other reasons.  Did our children see and experience such a reality in God that it was difficult for them to deny it?  Did they witness real miracles?  Did they see an effective congregational life that brought deliverance to people according to the Luke 4:18 model of Yeshua and his Apostles where the marginalized are healed and freed?  Were they impressed with what the Church has done for the poor and marginalized?  Were they led into their own encounter with Yeshua and found that it was an unshakable reality?

So where do we begin?  First, the generation that seems lost can be awakened in revival.  Let us first repent for missing it and giving our children over to the world.  Let us pray and believe that Yeshua will reveal himself and awake the slumbering, for such is this generation of young adults, woke to deceptive philosophies of our age, but dead or asleep to the truth and reality of Yeshua. 

Secondly, let us now begin with what remains, those who are followers of Yeshua and raising young children.  We begin with preschool children.  Let us create a true counterculture including alternative schools, both private schools (as we did some 40 years ago) and home school consortiums.  Let us turn off the internet and have no unsupervised internet for minor children, and let us limit the time on the screen from none at all (yes, it is not necessary to do internet) to limited time.  Then let us create a reading culture in our families by reading great stories to our children, having them read great books, and discussing those books.  Let us give our children access to beauty, by trips in nature, camping, learning musical instruments, listening to great music, and seeing great art.  Let us center our lives on Bible reading, together and in personal devotions.  We can also take our children to venues where they will witness miracles and can see the reality of God’s interventions in amazing ways.  Let us lead them into being born again, immersed in the Spirit, and having a passionate relationship with God. 

When we speak about creating a counterculture, we are aware that the danger in so protecting our children that they will not be able to cope with the world.  We need much wisdom here.  Sufficient and guided understanding of the world, its teachings, its influence, and more is needed if our children are to be able to face this world with courage and not fall apart when exposed to it.  As children need to play in the dirt to develop their immune system, so sufficient guided exposure is needed if the children when they grow up will be able to face this world with courage and not be overwhelmed by it.  Yes, we need to educate our children about the world so they will not be overwhelmed.  We can raise a generation that for the most part will not abandon the faith.