Holy Unto the Lord Patty Juster

By Patty Juster

Alone, set apart, unto my Lord He does woo me
This grief, heavy to bear
Choking, screaming, crushing
Now inviting me, he says, “come follow me”
A highway of holiness, no wild beast does dare walk
God’s rod, his staff, does comfort me still

Awake, oh Spirit, the will to live
Beckon me come, to your river to drink
Your life, my soul to embrace
Tho darkness blackens, the light dims
Yet you are there, in nearness kiss
The tears that fall, the chest that heaves
Your hand does calm the quaking flesh
Your whisper does my ear brush
I hear you say, “You are mine, do not fear.”

My son not dead, but live to you
Life’s long time line, eternity waits
In a twinkle, my eye shall behold
Your beauty, my son, his life enfolded in you
Glory’s gate does open, the warmth of your face I feel
Hope springs forth, my heart to heal
My work not done, your strength through me yet endures
A future waits, you need me still,
Your love to carry to empty tombs lingering

It is not to the living but to the dead you do send
Others to know your grace will bring them through
In no bad thing, from your love does depart
Tenderly calling, “Come aside, come live with me.”
There you feed us with ravens divine
You alone, our bread, our breath
Arm in arm you lead us,
Together we will walk
Alone in the garden, from your delights we do receive
This world’s not our home,
In your comfort we are renewed
There we will walk,
There we will talk,
And then,
We will be no more
“And Enoch walked with God, and then he was not.”