Hope Springs Patty Juster

By Patty Juster

Wild geese honking, coolness creeping o’er the forest glade
Leaves telling stories of soon redemption.
In quiet waiting, the bulbs planted
Thinking of better times, of days lengthened.
Birds chirping, with babies gaping
Asking how long ‘fore hope does peeking come.

In secret the buried seed does sleep
Waiting for warmth to come knocking,
Speaking gently, “Wake up, wake up, it’s time,
Stretch forth you arms, and beckon the day.”

Up they pop
Soon to be dressed in fine silkery
T’will bring delight, others enjoying
Not long now, colors bursting
Painted crimson, purple and yellow.

But in the night waiting, watching for the light
A deer, walking gently does spot
Tasty morsels bursting, from earth’s plate growing
The beast comes eating, joy expecting
Now gone, was this in vain waiting?

All life like a flower appearing,
Springing today, yet tomorrow passing.
Some dying, ne’er a glory beholding
Cut off before its story telling
All creation groaning, waiting,
A time when no tale be cut short,
But spoken fully while love blossoms
Never more to wilt or abate.
“I am here to stay,” let angels sing,
“For He has made all things lasting.”

My hope become born, will not wane
All tears sealed up, in a box cherished
Like jewels one day His head adorning
How precious, He watches over them with care
A remembrance of days long past,
When darkness ruled the day,
And beasts trampled future aspiring.

In agony we faithfully watched,
His promise breaking through the night
Ringing through the heavenly spheres,
“It is finished, now come join the light.”