Revealing the Hearts of Many

I write this just a few days before I am to fly to the United States.  Our trip was delayed and was to have taken place in mid-May but our flight was finally scheduled by El Al for Thursday night. As I was praying today, the words spoken about John the Baptist were given to me, “So that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed.”  I saw immediately the application to Donald Trump and this election season.  Facebook now is a great revealer of those thoughts.  I am only speaking of professed believers.  

Read this as a phrase introducing each point.  The thoughts of many show . . . 

  1. disdain for their fellow believers who do not agree with them about voting for Donald Trump.  That is troubling.  They belittle others.  
  2. that they really have succumbed to a humanistic spirit and have gone soft on the LGBT agenda and its danger to religious freedom.  
  3. that they really have gone soft on abortion and are willing to support those who have a radical abortion agenda.
  4. that they really do not see the centrality of Israel and the progress that has been made with Iran, the new peace agreements and moving the embassy to Jerusalem.
  5. that they almost idolize Donald Trump and will take any criticism of him as illegitimate. 
  6. that they are narrow in partisanship and do not see that some ideas from the Democrats are important and right.
  7. that they are narrow in partisanship and do not see that some ideas form Republicans are right. 
  8. that they are weak in defending the importance of law and order when parts of the U. S. cities are burning. 
  9. that they are weak in their passion for civil rights for all and making more progress against racism. 
  10.  that they will accommodate radicals and their agenda or ignore that agenda to show they support black lives. 
  11.  that they dismiss evidence with a back of the hand brush off without seriously looking into the evidence. 
  12.  they have fallen into the partisanship of those who deal with the COVID crisis and dismiss either the consensus or those who are credible and disagree. 
  13.  that they live in information bubbles and do not fairly take into account narratives and evidence that disagree with their favored narrative.      
  14. that there is backsliding form Biblical Law as the norming norm that should determine our orientation to everything in life, including political and social issues. 
  15. That they really want acceptance from the mainstream society; to look reasonable and with it. 


I think it is the intention of God that all will check their hearts and repent where they have fallen into sub biblical orientations.  I again note Mike Brown’s book on Will Evangelicals Pass the Trump Test.  As a revivalist, you can imagine that Mike is very good on many of these points.  I hope and pray that many are seeing these points; I know several who are. May it lead to deeper prayer and the revival we all seek.