Social Justice

I wrote the book Social Justice to address the meaning of social justice from a Biblical Worldview perspective.  The book both deals with the general teaching of the Bible, beginning with the Torah and then the rest of the Bible on the issue of social justice, and then goes on from there to address specific hot issues today.  

Hundreds of years before Yeshua, Plato wrote the dialogue Euthyphro.  The dialogue is usually considered to actually reflect the approach of Socrates.  Socrates questions a young man who is going off to war.  He asks why he is going.  He responds that he is going to fight for justice.  Socrates questions him about the nature of justice.  Euthyphro finds that every definition and defense he gives for fighting is undermined through the incisive questioning of Socrates.  He simply did not know what justice was.  He decided to go home instead of going to war.  I think that we will find that many social justice warriors would end with the same confusion as Euthyphro if they were carefully questioned. 

How many in our own day are social justice warriors but have no definitions or framework to engage the justice issues of our day?  My book provides the definitions and framework, both by giving a biblical description of what constitutes a just society and secondly by defining love, the motivation for seeking justice.  Woe to us if our directions are not based on the Bible. 

The reader may be surprised that not all that is generally pushed by conservatives is in accord with biblical norms of justice.  The same goes for liberal solutions.  Those who have endorsed this book found it to be an absorbing read and accurate to the Bible.  This includes the famous former President of Gordon Conwell Seminary, Dr. Walter Kaiser, and Dr. Jerry Dirman, one of the key national leaders in the United States in the Foursquare Church of God.  

The reader will find that rightly preached, the Gospel of the Kingdom is the greatest possible social justice message with the power to change people and society.  Establishing discipling communities that live out love and justice is God’s key foundation for the pursuit of love and justice.  

This book was especially written for young adults, parents, and pastors who are finding a rift over the issues of social justice.  It can help bring us back together into unity. Do sign up for our newsletter as well when you order this book.